Falconettes & Falconians

The Falconettes are a special membership category, reserved for the females of the Falcon family. Introduced in 2010 the Falconettes group quickly gained popularity within the club and reached 40 members in its inaugural year and an incredible 151 members in 2013.

This season promises to be bigger and better than ever before for all involved. 2016 is the year that we WILL break the 151 barrier! Should you wish to join this illustrious group of ladies please email the Club or see Deb Osmond or Shannon O'Malley, both of whom will be taking registrations at all games.

The 2016 Falconettes Membership includes:

  • Free entry into all 9 home matches ($45 value)
  • Entry into an exclusive Falconette Luncheon
  • Exclusinve Falconettes Polo Shirt
  • A share in the Falconettes Player Auction Syndicate
  • Entry into an exclusive Falconettes end of season event

The price of membership is $55, or for anyone under 18 years old, they can join as a Junior Falconette for $45, which includes the exclusive Falconettes Polo Shirt and free entry into all 9 home matches.



Not to be left out, the non-playing gentlemen of the Club now have their own group, the Falconians. Established in 2013, this group of past players, fathers, grandfathers, uncles, brothers, mates and local supporters grew to over 50 members (easily beating the Falconettes first year record). The Falconians have continued to grow in numbers and each year the luncheon held on the hill has been witness to some stirring A Grade victories (and some rather jolly Falconians!).

The Falconian Membership is $50 and includes:

  • Free entry into all 9 home matches ($45 value)
  • Entry into an exclusive Falconian Luncheon
  • Exclusive Falconians Merchandise (TBC)
  • A license to tell any football story you like about yourself, real or imagined...

In 2016 all exisiting Falconian members will recieve an exclusive piece of merchandise, while new members will be inducted into the group with their own Falconian Jacket (They will also be able to purchase the 2014 Stubby Cooler, 2015 Mug and 2016 Merchandise at an additional cost). The Falconians will also have involvement in the Player Auction, with the details to be discussed as a group prior to the night of the auction.


For more information on the Falconettes or the Falconians please contact us via email.

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